Top Ten Ways to Organize Your Home

We’ve all experienced it before—the case of the missing bill. You rummage through your junk drawer, sift through takeaway menus, credit card bills, recipes, you name it but the bill is nowhere to be found. The clock is ticking. Roll your sleeves up. It’s time for a little decluttering.

According to IKEA, the average person spends 6 minutes searching for their car keys each morning.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It probably has something to do with the speed at which life moves nowadays. We get up, go to work, and come home tired; the kids have blitzed the house. The last thing we want to do after a hard day’s work is break our backs tidying up—especially when we know it’ll soon resemble a bomb site again.

So we invent “junk drawers” and create random piles, which offer us a fragile illusion of organization, out of sight, out of mind, so to speak.

Whether it is spring cleaning time or you’ve had enough of losing possessions in the depths of your home, we’ve got some time—and life-saving, home organization tips for you.

Take back your living space with these top ten ways to organize your home.

cluttered home needs organization

  1. The stuff you don’t need

I call them the “maybe tomorrow” items. You know what I’m talking about, we all do it—collect “things” we think might serve a use in future. Deep down, we know it’s not true but there’s something primal deep within us, an urge to hold onto objects we no longer need, just in case.

It’s time to take a stand. As much as you don’t like it, you have to finally admit that those trinkets, books, dusty appliances, clothes and odds and ends are nothing but clutter. The first place to start then, when organizing your home, is to throw out the stuff you don’t—and won’t ever—need.

Another solution for those “maybe tomorrow” items is to bag and tag them. Once you’ve stored them and tagged them so you know what they are, keep them somewhere like your garage, in a corner. This way, if “tomorrow never comes”, you can bid them farewell once and for all, and they won’t be taking up valuable space in your house.

  1. Take Inventory

This might seem like a huge job but you don’t need to do it alone. If you have kids, have each one create an inventory of their room. You can even invite a friend over to help you count your items of clothing. Once you have an inventory of each room, put the inventory into a plastic sleeve and hang it or stick it somewhere on the wall. Never again will you buy the same thing twice, or lose track of what you own. As you sell, throw away or replace things, you can cross them off the list. It’s also a great thing when it comes to your next spring clean, because you can look at the list before you start and decide what goes and what stays.

  1. Storage solutions

After you have taken an inventory of every room, you can assess your storage needs. I don’t know about you but I love containers and container shopping. Still, only buy what you need, and if you’ve already taken inventory, you’ll know when you step into the store to search for storage solutions. Key-hooks, remote holders, bins for laundry, filing cabinets for family photos, bills, receipts and all those otherwise loose pieces of paper that clutter drawers.

This works great with tip number seven on color-coding.

home organization ideas

  1. Assign storage space

The average American wastes 55 minutes a day searching for things they own but have lost somewhere in their house. That’s 12 days a year down the drain! You can avoid those panicked, hair-graying moments of tearing through your house, late for work and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, if you assign storage space.

There’re the obvious things like tinned goods, for example, tinned fruit on one shelf, beans on another but always in the pantry under the stairs.

Store each type of item such as electrical appliances and cleaning products, in their own space or room. Bikes in the garage, tools hanging on the walls in the shed, you get the picture. You could even go as far as placing car-key holders around the house. When you put your keys down, for example, you place them on the nearest key holder or hook. The same goes for remote controls (you’ll never have to dig deep down into the innards of your sofa again).

  1. Hire a personal organizer

If all else fails or you simply don’t have the time, you can place the responsibility in the hands of a professional. That’s right. I said “professional”. Home organizers are becoming more and more popular these days with many a disorganized home benefitting from their organizational gifts. It is stressful working a full-time job and running a household at the same time. Hire a personal organizer to organize your home and leave you with the means to make sure it stays that way. Looking for a professional organizer in San Francisco? Check us out!

  1. Say goodbye to your junk drawer

Junk drawers—who needs em? Everyone, it would seem. It’s that dark recess where we cram our miscellaneous items like bills, old notebooks, receipts and wads and wads of dust attracting paper. If you have one, start there and never look back. Junk drawers are the eaters of car keys, bills and even invitations to weddings. Get rid of it once and for all.

cluttered junk drawer

  1. Color-code your abode

Not only does color coding work a treat as an organization tool, the added color in your home will lift your mood and add a nice splash of color. Use stickers to label shelves, cupboards drawers, and surfaces, then assign each color a type of object. In the bedroom, green drawers for socks, blue for t-shirts. In the kitchen, red shelf for spices, yellow for condiments, for example. You can even buy colored containers and bins and assign each person a color for laundry and for bathroom storage etc.

Color-coding is a bright and fun way to organize your home.

  1. Keep like with like

This is an obvious but seldom adhered to rule for most homes. In the kitchen, store bowls with bowls, plates with plates, spices with spices and so on. In the bathroom, shampoo and conditioner on one shelf, shower gel on another. The same applies to everything in fact you can combine this tip with the color-coding tip to ensure you know where everything is at all times. Can you imagine that? Never again will you ask: “Where’s the coffee?” or “Where did you put the remote control?” because you’ll know exactly where to find it.

  1. A path to organization

From your front door to your bedroom, you should foster the organization habit by building an “organization path.” This means placing:

  • Key trays by the front door
  • Shoe racks in the hallway/entranceway
  • Coat pegs in the hallway
  • Paper and junk bins in every room
  • Bookshelves to avoid stacking
  • Filing systems for bills, family photo albums etc
  • Color-coded bins for washing, dry clothes etc

When you walk through the front door and the tools to be organized are right there, at hand, staying organized will be easier than ever. That organized mindset will only be strengthened further, if each part of your home is setup in this way.

home organization idea storage under the stairs

  1. Stay organized!

Oftentimes, the downfall of any home organization project is staying power. In an ideal world, we’d be home to monitor the situation 24/7—but we’re not. This means then; that you need to ensure you:

  • Develop good habits
  • Put things away immediately
  • Make sure the entire household sticks to the plan
  • Put things back where they belong
  • Create a “donation” box for items you don’t need
  • Find homes for new items ASAP


Don’t forget that this has to be a team-effort. Get your whole family involved. The hardest part is always that first step, the first junk filled drawer you pull out, but if you work together, you’ll soon see the light through the mountains of junk. An uncluttered home is so much more spacious and cheerful, not to mention the fact that you’ll finally be able to find those bills in time.

7 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideasWhen it comes to bathrooms, they seldom come big—unless you’re a millionaire with several bedroom-sized ones. It can be a struggle fitting everything into your average bathroom space and even if you do manage to fit in your array of toiletries, towels and bath toys, space will be at a premium.

Thankfully, with a little imagination, you can fit everything in without turning your bathroom into a clutter-filled box.

Here are 7 DIY bathroom storage ideas to help you transform your bathroom.

  1. Shelf above the sink

The empty space above your sink is the perfect place to put a shelf. The sink is for soap but quite often, we have no choice but to surround it with aftershave, perfume and razors. A shelf above your sink can free up your sink space and keep your essentials within easy reach. This will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom for when visitors come over.

  1. Shelf above the toilet

As in the previous tip, the space above the toilet often goes unused. It’s quite often the cistern itself that becomes a shelf. Add a shelf above the toilet to store toiletries within easy reach, reduce the clutter and give your bathroom a more spacious feel.

shelf above toilet bathroom storage

  1. Shelf above the door

Tired of hearing about shelves? Well, this is the best idea of the three. That little bit of space just above your bathroom door provides you with the ideal space-saving solution. You can even use it to place plants, pictures or ornaments so you have something to look at as you go about your bathroom business.

  1. Additional curtain rods

If you have children this is the bathroom storage idea you need for all those toys at bath time. Install extra curtain rods in your bathroom e.g. one along the wall above your bath tub, and hang storage vessels from them. There’ll be no more stretching to reach the shampoo because it’ll be right there at hand.

  1. Towel racks on the door

For those extra small bathrooms, or even just to save wall space for shelving, you can affix your towel racks to the back of your bathroom door. If your bathroom is little more than a box, you’ll have a little extra elbow room.

  1. Wall space ideas

There’s always plenty of wall space, even if there’s little room to stand. Your walls are the ideal storage location—and not just for shelves either. Shelves take up space too, but with these bathroom storage ideas for your wall, you can squeeze every little bit of space out of your bathroom.

  • Magnetic strips for tweezers, razors, bobby pins etc
  • Spice racks make great storage containers
  • Toothbrush storage points on the wall can save a little space
  • Hang attractive mason jars and baskets for extra supplies
  1. Coat rack instead of towel rack

If you’re a germaphobe like most of us, you’ll want your own towel. The problem with standard towel rods is they only hold one towel and if you install multiple towel rods, you waste valuable space. The solution is to attach a coat rack to your bathroom wall instead. That way, you can have several towels hanging up at the same time—ideal for families with kids who don’t want to share!

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are always lots of clever ways to utilize the space on offer. Even if some of these bathroom storage ideas don’t fit with your bathroom, you can come up with some neat storage ideas of your own without the fuss of clutter.

6 Office Organization Ideas to Maximize Efficiency

office organization ideasIf you’re struggling to work at your full-capacity, it might be time to reorganize your office. A tidy, organized office helps to increase your efficiency, while reducing stress.

With just a few adjustments, you can transform your office into a distraction-free zone.

Use these 6 office organization ideas to create your ideal office space.


  1. Use bins to organize your office

As you revamp your office, put every inch of space to good use while avoiding the dreaded clutter that tends to clog your brain as you work. A great space saving office organization tip is to use bins to separate all those items in your office. This method is also cheap. Bins are inexpensive and you can either create your own standing shelf to place them on, or purchase one.

  1. Designate a home for everything

Everything has a place, or at least it should. You know those moments when you’re scrambling for a paperclip or a stapler, knowing you’re about to be the last person to attend your own meeting. You can avoid that kind of embarrassment and stress by ensuring everything has a home of its own. Color-coding works great with this as when you’re in a hurry or someone else is picking up something for you, the color codes will serve as a guide.

  1. Vertical storage solutions

Vertical is the optimal space-saving solution, especially when your office space is limited. You don’t have to turn your desk into a sea of stacks. If you go vertical with vertical shelves, you can keep everything in easy reach by slotting the shelf next to your desk. This also works great with bins as each level of the shelf can have its own storage bin. You can also use:

  • Wall baskets
  • Wall mounted file holders
  • Hooks

Save your desk from clutter by going vertical.


  1. Minimal distractions

When setting up your office, it’s best to create a space with minimal distraction, so your mind doesn’t wander as you work. Ensure that you keep all electrical cords out of sight and your desk clutter free as the fewer objects in your line of sight as you work the better. The best location for your computer monitor is against the wall. This removes the temptation of looking over your monitor as you work.

  1. The purge

Be sure to purge your office as often as you can. The problem with many office spaces is the clutter caused by damaged or unwanted equipment crammed into drawers or left on desktops. Assess your office space and remove anything that you haven’t used in a while or aren’t likely to use. Only keep what you need, otherwise you’ll end up with a cluttered mess for an office.

  1. Start the day with a little organization

Each morning, before you begin your working day, organize your office space to maximize productivity. File any papers left on your desk and put everything back where it belongs. If you spend just 15 minutes a day doing this before you begin, you’ll ensure that you aren’t distracted while in the process of working on an important project.

Maximize your efficiency with these office organization tips and watch your productivity soar through the roof.

10 Garage Organization Ideas to Free Up Precious Space

The garage can become a haven for junk over time. When you finally realize you’ve had enough of the clutter and cobwebs, it can look like an impossible task. Don’t wait for spring to conduct your spring cleaning, make it a year round goal to ensure your garage stays clean, organized and tidy.

Here are 10 easy garage organization ideas to help you regain control of your garage space.

garage organization ideas for a cluttered garage

  1. Wall baskets

Ah now you can get rid of that annoying array of balls in your garage. Baskets attached to your garage walls, can hold your sports gear, hoses, gardening equipment and much more. It’s also an easy way for you to keep track of what’s in your garage as you can easily see what each basket contains with a mere glance.

  1. Magnet magic

This one is a real space saver. Attach a magnetic knife holder or magnetic strip to your garage wall for all your drill bits and smaller tools. This is great way to keep your tools in easy reach as you work on DIY projects in your garage.

  1. Peg rails

This is one of my favorite garage organization ideas. With one of these peg rails you can store virtually anything on the wall, saving tons of garage space. You can either attach some easy pegs to the garage wall or to a board and you have yourself a convenient and attractive storage solution for your garage.

  1. Recycling station

You know all those empty cans, bottles and cardboard boxes that build up over the week? By adding a recycling station to your garage consisting of a set of inexpensive, stackable storage bins, you can reduce the clutter in your garage and home. They take up very little space and can be easily labeled to point the kids in the right direction.

  1. From wrenches to hooks

Have a few too many wrenches lying around? These handy little tools make great hooks for hanging clothes and tools, meaning your garage floor can stay tidy and obstruction free.

garage organization systems

  1. Hanging around

This works a treat for bicycle helmets. Attach some hooks to your garage wall or even a coat rack so you can hang up items like bicycle helmets, cords and garden hoses.

  1. Peg boards for tools

Pegboards not only act as a convenient place to store your tools out of reach of little hands; they also add a little décor to your garage.

garage organization ideas

  1. Shelves and buckets

This is a great way to store your odds and ends in an organized fashion. Invest in a set of shelves on which to store your buckets in easy reach. Label each bucket for each type of item and hey presto, an instant remedy for garage clutter.

  1. Jars and cans for the small stuff

Use jars or cans for the smaller things like nails, screws and bolts etc. A great way to keep your jars from being knocked over is to screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf (out of reach of children) and then affix the jars. You’ll always know where your nuts and bolts are and you won’t have to worry about knocking them over!

  1. Pipe down

Those long-handled tools of yours can now be organized neatly with this nifty little trick. For this garage organization idea, you’ll need some PVC pipe. If you have any spare plumbing pipe left-over you can use that. Take the lengths of pipe and cut them into small sections, at an angle. Then attach the pieces to your garage wall. Each piece serves as a convenient long-handled tool holder.

You’ll never stand on a rake again!

With a little TLC and these garage organization ideas, your garage can be much more than just a carport.

7 Closet Organization Ideas for a More Conveniently Arranged Closet

organized closet space organization
No matter how big your closet, eventually, it’s going to become a cluttered mess. This is only natural, as over time, we tend to fill our closets with more and more items, new clothes, shoes and all those other little bits we so love to collect. A cluttered closet can be a nightmare to negotiate, with unworn clothes taking up valuable hanging space and shoes littering the floor.

Fortunately, there are numerous inexpensive solutions and we’ve outlined 7 of the best closet organization ideas here.

  1. Cut the clutter

Of course the most obvious place to start when organizing your closet—is to eradicate the mountains of jumbled clutter. We both know there’s at least a dozen items in your closet that will never see the light of day. No matter how much it hurts, it’s time to kiss goodbye to those garments you bought because they were on sale but have never worn. Stained, worn or damaged clothes too, should either be stored elsewhere or…given up.

It hurts, I know. If you can’t bear the thought of parting with something even though you’ve never worn it, store it in a box at the bottom of your closet. If it’s still there in 6 months…you know what to do.

  1. Create a system that works

We should all do this—but we don’t. Instead we rummage through, frowning as we struggle to find something to wear. Create a system that works for you. Place sweaters alongside sweaters, dresses with dresses, jeans with jeans etc. You’ll save yourself valuable minutes each morning before work.

  1. Containers for shoes

Shoes attract dust, lots of it. You can avoid this issue by placing each pair of shoes in a container. Plastic see-through containers or bags work a treat for this as you can store them but still see them without having to open the container.

  1. Prioritize space

Items of clothing that you seldom wear can be stored out of the way until such a time as you need them. Priority should be given to your work clothes, shoes and accessories while your Halloween costume and bikini for Bali should be put aside, and stored until you need them. Hanger space is often at a premium and it makes sense to hang only what you need on a regular basis.

closet organization with bins and shelves

  1. Bins are better

If you have shelves, great, bins and shelves go together like peas and carrots. Buy matching bins for your underwear, ties, bikinis and accessories as mismatched bins only add a cluttered feel to your closet. Even if your closet doesn’t have any shelves, you can use stackable storage bins that open sideways. They may not be the most attractive but you can get around that by decorating them to suit the inside of your closet.

  1. Seasonal selection

Once the snow has melted and the sun is peeping over the horizon once more, you’ll no longer need your winter clothes. Likewise, once summer gives way to icicles, all those shorts and vests will be virtually useless until next year. Bag and box all those clothes you don’t need as each season arrives. You’ll find you save a whole lot of closet space by doing this.

  1. Up and ready

This is just a little bonus to help you stay on top of things. Each night before you hit the sack, hang a hook outside your closet with your work clothes on it. No matter how bleary-eyed you are in the morning, you won’t have to go rummaging through your closet, looking for something to wear!

Use these closet organization ideas to banish those skeletons from your closet once and for all. No longer will you have to fight through your own clothes to locate your favorite sweater for winter, or search for long lost garments amidst the chaos.