10 Garage Organization Ideas to Free Up Precious Space

The garage can become a haven for junk over time. When you finally realize you’ve had enough of the clutter and cobwebs, it can look like an impossible task. Don’t wait for spring to conduct your spring cleaning, make it a year round goal to ensure your garage stays clean, organized and tidy.

Here are 10 easy garage organization ideas to help you regain control of your garage space.

garage organization ideas for a cluttered garage

  1. Wall baskets

Ah now you can get rid of that annoying array of balls in your garage. Baskets attached to your garage walls, can hold your sports gear, hoses, gardening equipment and much more. It’s also an easy way for you to keep track of what’s in your garage as you can easily see what each basket contains with a mere glance.

  1. Magnet magic

This one is a real space saver. Attach a magnetic knife holder or magnetic strip to your garage wall for all your drill bits and smaller tools. This is great way to keep your tools in easy reach as you work on DIY projects in your garage.

  1. Peg rails

This is one of my favorite garage organization ideas. With one of these peg rails you can store virtually anything on the wall, saving tons of garage space. You can either attach some easy pegs to the garage wall or to a board and you have yourself a convenient and attractive storage solution for your garage.

  1. Recycling station

You know all those empty cans, bottles and cardboard boxes that build up over the week? By adding a recycling station to your garage consisting of a set of inexpensive, stackable storage bins, you can reduce the clutter in your garage and home. They take up very little space and can be easily labeled to point the kids in the right direction.

  1. From wrenches to hooks

Have a few too many wrenches lying around? These handy little tools make great hooks for hanging clothes and tools, meaning your garage floor can stay tidy and obstruction free.

garage organization systems

  1. Hanging around

This works a treat for bicycle helmets. Attach some hooks to your garage wall or even a coat rack so you can hang up items like bicycle helmets, cords and garden hoses.

  1. Peg boards for tools

Pegboards not only act as a convenient place to store your tools out of reach of little hands; they also add a little décor to your garage.

garage organization ideas

  1. Shelves and buckets

This is a great way to store your odds and ends in an organized fashion. Invest in a set of shelves on which to store your buckets in easy reach. Label each bucket for each type of item and hey presto, an instant remedy for garage clutter.

  1. Jars and cans for the small stuff

Use jars or cans for the smaller things like nails, screws and bolts etc. A great way to keep your jars from being knocked over is to screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf (out of reach of children) and then affix the jars. You’ll always know where your nuts and bolts are and you won’t have to worry about knocking them over!

  1. Pipe down

Those long-handled tools of yours can now be organized neatly with this nifty little trick. For this garage organization idea, you’ll need some PVC pipe. If you have any spare plumbing pipe left-over you can use that. Take the lengths of pipe and cut them into small sections, at an angle. Then attach the pieces to your garage wall. Each piece serves as a convenient long-handled tool holder.

You’ll never stand on a rake again!

With a little TLC and these garage organization ideas, your garage can be much more than just a carport.

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