7 Closet Organization Ideas for a More Conveniently Arranged Closet

organized closet space organization
No matter how big your closet, eventually, it’s going to become a cluttered mess. This is only natural, as over time, we tend to fill our closets with more and more items, new clothes, shoes and all those other little bits we so love to collect. A cluttered closet can be a nightmare to negotiate, with unworn clothes taking up valuable hanging space and shoes littering the floor.

Fortunately, there are numerous inexpensive solutions and we’ve outlined 7 of the best closet organization ideas here.

  1. Cut the clutter

Of course the most obvious place to start when organizing your closet—is to eradicate the mountains of jumbled clutter. We both know there’s at least a dozen items in your closet that will never see the light of day. No matter how much it hurts, it’s time to kiss goodbye to those garments you bought because they were on sale but have never worn. Stained, worn or damaged clothes too, should either be stored elsewhere or…given up.

It hurts, I know. If you can’t bear the thought of parting with something even though you’ve never worn it, store it in a box at the bottom of your closet. If it’s still there in 6 months…you know what to do.

  1. Create a system that works

We should all do this—but we don’t. Instead we rummage through, frowning as we struggle to find something to wear. Create a system that works for you. Place sweaters alongside sweaters, dresses with dresses, jeans with jeans etc. You’ll save yourself valuable minutes each morning before work.

  1. Containers for shoes

Shoes attract dust, lots of it. You can avoid this issue by placing each pair of shoes in a container. Plastic see-through containers or bags work a treat for this as you can store them but still see them without having to open the container.

  1. Prioritize space

Items of clothing that you seldom wear can be stored out of the way until such a time as you need them. Priority should be given to your work clothes, shoes and accessories while your Halloween costume and bikini for Bali should be put aside, and stored until you need them. Hanger space is often at a premium and it makes sense to hang only what you need on a regular basis.

closet organization with bins and shelves

  1. Bins are better

If you have shelves, great, bins and shelves go together like peas and carrots. Buy matching bins for your underwear, ties, bikinis and accessories as mismatched bins only add a cluttered feel to your closet. Even if your closet doesn’t have any shelves, you can use stackable storage bins that open sideways. They may not be the most attractive but you can get around that by decorating them to suit the inside of your closet.

  1. Seasonal selection

Once the snow has melted and the sun is peeping over the horizon once more, you’ll no longer need your winter clothes. Likewise, once summer gives way to icicles, all those shorts and vests will be virtually useless until next year. Bag and box all those clothes you don’t need as each season arrives. You’ll find you save a whole lot of closet space by doing this.

  1. Up and ready

This is just a little bonus to help you stay on top of things. Each night before you hit the sack, hang a hook outside your closet with your work clothes on it. No matter how bleary-eyed you are in the morning, you won’t have to go rummaging through your closet, looking for something to wear!

Use these closet organization ideas to banish those skeletons from your closet once and for all. No longer will you have to fight through your own clothes to locate your favorite sweater for winter, or search for long lost garments amidst the chaos.