7 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

bathroom storage ideasWhen it comes to bathrooms, they seldom come big—unless you’re a millionaire with several bedroom-sized ones. It can be a struggle fitting everything into your average bathroom space and even if you do manage to fit in your array of toiletries, towels and bath toys, space will be at a premium.

Thankfully, with a little imagination, you can fit everything in without turning your bathroom into a clutter-filled box.

Here are 7 DIY bathroom storage ideas to help you transform your bathroom.

  1. Shelf above the sink

The empty space above your sink is the perfect place to put a shelf. The sink is for soap but quite often, we have no choice but to surround it with aftershave, perfume and razors. A shelf above your sink can free up your sink space and keep your essentials within easy reach. This will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom for when visitors come over.

  1. Shelf above the toilet

As in the previous tip, the space above the toilet often goes unused. It’s quite often the cistern itself that becomes a shelf. Add a shelf above the toilet to store toiletries within easy reach, reduce the clutter and give your bathroom a more spacious feel.

shelf above toilet bathroom storage

  1. Shelf above the door

Tired of hearing about shelves? Well, this is the best idea of the three. That little bit of space just above your bathroom door provides you with the ideal space-saving solution. You can even use it to place plants, pictures or ornaments so you have something to look at as you go about your bathroom business.

  1. Additional curtain rods

If you have children this is the bathroom storage idea you need for all those toys at bath time. Install extra curtain rods in your bathroom e.g. one along the wall above your bath tub, and hang storage vessels from them. There’ll be no more stretching to reach the shampoo because it’ll be right there at hand.

  1. Towel racks on the door

For those extra small bathrooms, or even just to save wall space for shelving, you can affix your towel racks to the back of your bathroom door. If your bathroom is little more than a box, you’ll have a little extra elbow room.

  1. Wall space ideas

There’s always plenty of wall space, even if there’s little room to stand. Your walls are the ideal storage location—and not just for shelves either. Shelves take up space too, but with these bathroom storage ideas for your wall, you can squeeze every little bit of space out of your bathroom.

  • Magnetic strips for tweezers, razors, bobby pins etc
  • Spice racks make great storage containers
  • Toothbrush storage points on the wall can save a little space
  • Hang attractive mason jars and baskets for extra supplies
  1. Coat rack instead of towel rack

If you’re a germaphobe like most of us, you’ll want your own towel. The problem with standard towel rods is they only hold one towel and if you install multiple towel rods, you waste valuable space. The solution is to attach a coat rack to your bathroom wall instead. That way, you can have several towels hanging up at the same time—ideal for families with kids who don’t want to share!

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are always lots of clever ways to utilize the space on offer. Even if some of these bathroom storage ideas don’t fit with your bathroom, you can come up with some neat storage ideas of your own without the fuss of clutter.