6 Office Organization Ideas to Maximize Efficiency

office organization ideasIf you’re struggling to work at your full-capacity, it might be time to reorganize your office. A tidy, organized office helps to increase your efficiency, while reducing stress.

With just a few adjustments, you can transform your office into a distraction-free zone.

Use these 6 office organization ideas to create your ideal office space.


  1. Use bins to organize your office

As you revamp your office, put every inch of space to good use while avoiding the dreaded clutter that tends to clog your brain as you work. A great space saving office organization tip is to use bins to separate all those items in your office. This method is also cheap. Bins are inexpensive and you can either create your own standing shelf to place them on, or purchase one.

  1. Designate a home for everything

Everything has a place, or at least it should. You know those moments when you’re scrambling for a paperclip or a stapler, knowing you’re about to be the last person to attend your own meeting. You can avoid that kind of embarrassment and stress by ensuring everything has a home of its own. Color-coding works great with this as when you’re in a hurry or someone else is picking up something for you, the color codes will serve as a guide.

  1. Vertical storage solutions

Vertical is the optimal space-saving solution, especially when your office space is limited. You don’t have to turn your desk into a sea of stacks. If you go vertical with vertical shelves, you can keep everything in easy reach by slotting the shelf next to your desk. This also works great with bins as each level of the shelf can have its own storage bin. You can also use:

  • Wall baskets
  • Wall mounted file holders
  • Hooks

Save your desk from clutter by going vertical.


  1. Minimal distractions

When setting up your office, it’s best to create a space with minimal distraction, so your mind doesn’t wander as you work. Ensure that you keep all electrical cords out of sight and your desk clutter free as the fewer objects in your line of sight as you work the better. The best location for your computer monitor is against the wall. This removes the temptation of looking over your monitor as you work.

  1. The purge

Be sure to purge your office as often as you can. The problem with many office spaces is the clutter caused by damaged or unwanted equipment crammed into drawers or left on desktops. Assess your office space and remove anything that you haven’t used in a while or aren’t likely to use. Only keep what you need, otherwise you’ll end up with a cluttered mess for an office.

  1. Start the day with a little organization

Each morning, before you begin your working day, organize your office space to maximize productivity. File any papers left on your desk and put everything back where it belongs. If you spend just 15 minutes a day doing this before you begin, you’ll ensure that you aren’t distracted while in the process of working on an important project.

Maximize your efficiency with these office organization tips and watch your productivity soar through the roof.